Below you will find a listing of local monument companies in our area. Visit their web site to learn more about their products, pricing and services listings.

 West Jefferson

Boone Family Funeral Home    

2005 Mount Jefferson Road West Jefferson NC, 28694
Phone: 336-846-7979
Fax: 336-846-2120
Website: http://www.boonefuneralhome.com
Email: info@boonefuneralhome.com
Contact: Todd Roberts
Contact: David Boone

If you are considering a monument or marker crafted of stone or bronze, Boone Family Funeral Home can help. We have over 43 years experience in the monument business. We offer a wide selection of bronze, polished granite and marble in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes for both your selection and budget.

 Laurel Springs

Jones, Reeves  
336-982-2813 Laurel Springs NC
Phone: 336-982-2813
Contact: Rev. Reeves Jones

Quality monuments, death dates and cleaning.